Football Accumulator Tips For Building Your Bankroll

football accumulator tips

Understandably, football accumulators (parlays) are not intended for every sports gambler. In fact, very few serious/professional gamblers will bet accumulators because of betting value issues. That doesn’t mean football accumulators don’t have a place in the sports betting marketplace. It’s worth noting that many online bookmakers and tipsters will offer free football accumulator tips.


What Are Accumulators?

Accumulators permit sports gamblers to play multiple games or events on the same betting slip for one wager amount. The number of games that can be included ranges from two, all the way up to whatever the limit is that has been set by the online bookmaker, sometimes as many as 15 games or matches. Accumulators don’t necessarily represent good betting value because the bettor has to win each and every game on the betting slip or they lose the entire wager. That’s not often an easy thing to do. If they do manage to hit all of the games on the slip, the payouts can be quite rewarding. Therein lies the primary attraction of accumulators.


Who Should Use Accumulators as a Wagering Option?

As indicated above, serious football bettors can’t justify betting accumulators because they can’t extract enough value. Football accumulators are better suited for bettors with a small bankroll and for bettors who are looking to reap big rewards for a small wager. Accumulators can also be very useful for the recreational bettor who wants action on a lot of different football matches in order to peak their interest in group of games.


How Accumulators Work

It should go without saying, but football accumulators create a risky proposition. When they hit, the rewards can be significant. It starts with the bettor selecting a number of games or matches they want included on the accumulator betting slip. The amount of the potential return can be calculated by multiplying the odds of each game on the betting slip times one another, them times the amount wagered.


Here’s an example: Let’s assume the bettor wants to play a $100 3-match (Tri) accumulator with the following three teams (with odds): Chelsea +2.00, Liverpool +3.00 and Manchester United +1.50


Calc: (2.00 x 3.00 x 150) x $100 = 9 x $100 = $900, or a profit of $800


Using the same three games and betting $100 on each game as a straight or single bet, the return would be (3.00 x $100) + (2.00 x $100) + (1.5 x $100) = $300 + $200 + $150 = $750. You would have to bet more than three times the  amount wagered on the accumulator to get the same return. Of course, you still have to hit all three games for the accumulator to be worth the $800 profit. The single wagers allow you to win back a portion of your money, one game at a time.


Establishing Guidelines for Betting Accumulators

If you get some free football accumulator tips and decide you want to take advantage of your football accumulator tips for today, you would do well to establish some guidelines to protect you from losses while chasing big returns.



  • Limit the number of matches on your accumulators to 2-3
  • Bet small amounts, no more than 2% of your bankroll
  • Use them in conjunction with betting singles on some of the same games. By doing, you can win a little bit of money for picking a winner. Nothing feels worse than hitting 2 of 3 games and losing all of the money you wagered.



There are the best football accumulator tips for today or any day for that matter so you can get extra enjoyment from your favorite football venues.

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