6 Tips for Predicting and Betting on Tennis Matches

If you follow the world of professional tennis, perhaps you’ve considered using your knowledge to bet on tennis matches. However, it isn’t enough to simply keep up with current men’s tennis rankings or women’s rankings. In order to make the best tennis predictions and picks, you’ll need to focus on more information than just ATP ranking points, and you’ll need sound betting strategies. To help you get started, here are six tennis betting tips to maximize your potential earnings.

1. Specialize

Andy Murray

Andy Murray

Because there are so many events for both men’s and women’s professional tennis, you’ll need to select specific tournaments or circuits to bet on. Rather than try to make tennis betting predictions for every tennis match, spend your time analyzing one specific area of tennis, whether it is men’s majors, women’s majors, grand slam events only, etc. This will allow you to spend more time looking over results and statistics to predict matches without being overwhelmed by a number of upcoming events.

2. Look for Potential Upsets

While it’s all well and good to bet on pre-tournament favorites (and if you do so, do it as early as possible, before odds become unreasonable,) to maximize your earnings, you’ll want to identify and bet on potential upset picks. Look at recent results to see if the under-seeded player has been playing particularly well of late, or if the favorite has been playing poorly or hasn’t played a match in awhile. These are the kind of factors that can allow you to see past early predictions and identify potential upsets; since betting odds will always start out favoring higher-seeded players, you can potentially pull in lots of money by betting on likely upset picks.

3. Research Playing Styles

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal

By watching footage from recent matches on Youtube, ESPN, or other sites, you can quickly analyze different players’ styles. Focus on the most important factors, such as whether they play better on the serve or the return, whether they have a better forehand or backhand, and what playing surface they perform best on. This is especially important if you are unfamiliar with a player in a match you decide to bet on, as it will give you an edge in betting, and will help you account for factors such as playing surface that others might overlook.

4. Check Head-to-Head History

One of the best ways to predict who will win a match is to check the history between the two players. If one player has historically won the matchup, they might be a better choice. However, make sure you don’t pick solely based on head-to-head results. Dig a little deeper: for example, maybe one player (Player A) is 4-2 against player B, but both of the losses came on clay. If the court for the match you are betting on is clay, you may actually want to bet on Player B! The lesson here is to always dig a little deeper into the many factors at play in tennis matches.

5. Manage your Money!

One of the biggest makes that tennis bettors can make is to bet more than they can afford on a match they’re sure the player they picked will win. It’s key to remember that even if one player is a 10-to-1 favorite, upsets happen, and you never want to risk losing it all on one match. Set a budget ahead of time-based on how much you are willing to lose should your picks not pan out, and make sure you aren’t betting so much that a loss would be catastrophic or so little that potential earnings are slim. In addition, when you start out betting on matches, begin with a small budget, then work your way up once you have some successes under your belt. Managing your money in this way is perhaps the most important of tennis betting tips, as you can only keep betting so long as you keep your losses reasonable.

6. Check Expert Picks

No matter how vast your knowledge of professional tennis, it’s always a good idea to look at tennis expert predictions to supplement your own analysis. Check both sports news sites such as ESPN and FOX Sports as well the odds on betting and bookkeeping platforms, as this will allow getting inside info from experts on multiple aspects of the game. While expert tennis predictions and picks won’t always be accurate, combining their analysis with your own will increase your chances of success.

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